Jul 05, 2020, 22:03:19

Chinese nationals in Sri Lanka requested to follow epidemic prevention and control policies


The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka has reminded Chinese citizens in Sri Lanka to pay attention to the latest policy of the Sri Lankan government on COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control, the Embassy said in a statement.

The Presidential Office Sunday announced that since June 28th, the country has completely lifted the curfew measures implemented since March 20 to combat the new coronavirus epidemic.

The Sri Lankan police issued an announcement that people must wear masks in public from June 28. Violators will be arrested and forced to isolate themselves for 14 days. In order to control the epidemic, the health safety measures implemented in the past three months will continue in the coming weeks, and legal action will be taken against those who violate the regulations.

The Sri Lanka Airport Authority stated that Sri Lanka’s plan to reopen the international airport on August 1 will be further postponed in order to meet the needs of some stranded Sri Lankan workers returning home. Sri Lankan health authorities set up PCR testing facilities for returning people at the airport.

The Immigration Service of Sri Lanka extended the period of stay of all visas for all foreign citizens in Sri Lanka for another month until July 11th.

The embassy noted that at the same time, the Immigration and Emigration Department provides online services for applicants who apply for visa extensions

After the applicant submits the application online, he/she will receive an appointment confirmation letter. Go to the immigration bureau to arrange for visa extension business. All visas that expire between March 7 and July 11, 2020 will be exempt from overdue fines. If you leave the country at the above time, you can pay the relevant visa extension fee at the airport

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