Aug 04, 2020, 16:25:12

Dog tied with wire to lure leopards to snare: Suspect arrested


The man who cruelly tied up a dog as bait to attract leopards to snares set up on an estate in Uduweriya area near Horton Plains was arrested this week, a senior wildlife official said.

Jinapriya Gallage, a resident of Nuwara Eliya who was hiking near the area on Tuesday, spotted the tethered dog on a private property bordering Horton Plains.

He took photographs of the dog, which had been tightly tethered to a pole with wire. The dog had been bound at the neck and body, restricting its movements.

Mr. Gallage posted the photos on social media, where they came to the attention of wildlife officers.

When inquired, the suspected person claimed that the dog was tied up to scare monkeys and that the snares had been placed to kill wild boar.

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