Sep 27, 2020, 09:49:50

Kanjipani returned to prison


Kanjipani returned to prison from Navy Hospital, three give up hunger strike

Mohammed Najeem Imran alias Kanjipani Imran, a leader of an organized crime group, has been admitted to the Boossa Naval Hospital due to chest pain while on a hunger strike at the Boossa Prison.

An ECG was taken at the hospital and after tests he was found to have high blood pressure and a slight drop in blood sugar level. Prison officials took him back to Boossa Prison after it was confirmed that he did not have any other serious illness.

According to the prison officials, 36 of the 45 high profile prisoners of the Boossa Prison have been on a hunger strike since Thursday (10). Prisoners including Kanjipani Imran, Podi Lassi and Wele Suda are among them.

Prison sources said three other prisoners had withdrawn from the hunger strike yesterday (11).

The detainees are on a hunger strike to protest the removal of telephone facilities provided to them to contact relatives during the Coronavirus pandemic period, the inspection of detainees' lawyers, STF inspections, and the inadequacy of the monthly allowance to obtain essential items from the prison restaurant.

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