Oct 28, 2020, 13:45:27

Legal action against violators


Legal action against violators of Traffic Lane Law.

The Traffic Lane Law will be strictly enforced from today (Sept. 21), and legal action will be instituted against motorists who violate the lane law, Sri Lanka Police said.

According to Police Spokesperson – SSP Senaratne, CCTV footage and other video footage will be used as evidence in this regard.

“The aim of this program is to prevent road accidents and reduce traffic congestion when entering and leaving Colombo, during the rush hours in the morning and evening,” SSP Jaliya Senaratne noted.

He further said adherence to the Lane Law will allow motorists to enter and leave the Colombo city in a safe manner.

“Therefore, legal action will be instituted to reduce traffic law violations and ensure road discipline,” SSP Senaratne emphasized.

The Traffic Lane Law is in effect along four roads leading towards Colombo.

Along the High-Level road, the Lane Law will be in effect from Anula Vidyala in Nugegoda, to Pittala Junction in Colombo.

Along the Baseline road, it will be in effect from the Kelaniya bridge up to the High-Level road.

Along the Galle road, it will be in effect from William junction in Wellawatte to Galle Face roundabout.

The Lane Law will also be in effect from Polduuwa junction to the Liberty round-about along the Sri Jayawardenapura Road.

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