Oct 28, 2020, 14:16:25

Bus Priority Lane strictly enforced from today


Bus Priority Lane strictly enforced from today, Police said.

The Bus Priority Lane will be open only for Passenger Transport Buses including both SLTB and private buses, Office Transport Buses and Vans, and School Transport Buses and Vans starting today (Sept. 23), Sri Lanka Police said.

Along the roads the Bus Priority Lane rule is in effect, other vehicles will not be permitted to enter the Bus Priority lane, SSP Jaliya Senaratne – the Police Spokesperson told reporters on Tuesday (Sept. 22).

He further noted that Passenger Transport Buses must enter the designated Bus Stand area in order to allow passengers to board or get off buses.

Elaborating on the guidelines for other motorists, SSP Senaratne said in the event there are only two lanes, all other vehicles must travel along the 2nd lane and requested motorists to drive closer to the line that demarcates the lanes from the left side.

“Thereby, motorcyclists could overtake and move forward along the same lane, minimizing traffic congestion,” SSP Senaratne said.

In the event there are two or more lanes left excluding the Bus Priority Lane, motor-cycles and three-wheelers will be permitted to travel on the 2nd and 3rd lanes.

SSP Senaratne was hopeful that three-wheelers and motorcycles will travel on the 2nd lane and allow other vehicles to travel on the 3rd.

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